"White Lodge Rumble" disponible sur DavidLynch.com

giant-coop.jpgL'archive musicale de David Lynch s'agrandit une nouvelle fois avec White Lodge Rumble, un morceau de 12 minutes reprenant l'intégralité de la musique de la scène d'ouverture de la saison 2 de la série, lorsque le vieux serveur du Great Northern Hotel puis le Géant de la White Lodge viennent rendre visite à un Cooper blessé allongé sur le sol de sa chambre. Le morceau est disponible à l'écoute sur davidlynch.com ou téléchargeable pour 0,99€.

Le mot de David Lynch à propos de White Lodge Rumble :

"Tempo is a powerful element of any musical composition. Changing the speed or pace in a given piece of music can have a direct-affecting relationship with the music's mood or energy. Dramatic temporal changes can yield some of the most fascinating results (such as, or perhaps). It is this territory - straddling the threshold between music and sound design - where much of the slow-speed orchestra material resides amidst the series and feature film.

Originally titled 'Lowest Circle in Hell' in the archive, White Lodge Rumble is just that…the lowest, most moody, bass-rich of the slow-speed material employed in the series. There are also additional elements at work in this unique track that somehow aid in its sounding like the mysterious gateway it is intended to signify: ominous percussion peppers the track almost like distant cannon blasts or mammoth wooden knocks. These, along with a patina of analog tape noise act to render an impressionistic sonic landscape that seems almost three-dimensional...even without synchronous visuals…

Slow Speed Orchestra 4 (White Lodge Rumble) is presented in its complete running time of 12 minutes, 13 seconds."

Twin Peaks Musique

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