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photo-023-1.jpgLe site davidlynch.com, exclusivement consacré à la musique de l'univers du cinéaste, propose régulièrement des morceaux inédits tirés de la série Twin Peaks. Cette semaine, la collection vient s'agrandir avec le lot The Mill Bundle, présentant des morceaux liés à la scierie Packard. Le lot est composé de trois extraits : The Mill Deal, Josie and Jonathan, et The Mill Fire. Comme toujours, la musique est disponible gratuitement en streaming ou téléchargeable pour la somme de 0,99€ sur le site.

Le mot de David Lynch à propos de The Mill Bundle :

"Certainly one of the premiere iconic images to the show’s visual legacy, the Packard Sawmill also embodied the most complex story line amidst the entire Twin Peaks saga. Its plot involved a small multitude of players and can be thought of as the foundation to the more ‘soap opera-ish’ flavors of the show. In reality, the lumber mill that was featured as the Packard Mill in the series was demolished and downsized only a few months after the show’s pilot was filmed. The old mill would remain in tact, however, as images of the original building and its working hardware would be replayed week after week during the show’s opening title sequence. In a way, this is very analogous to the life of Twin Peaks itself. Although ‘dismantled’ from a broadcast perspective, the show has continued to live on in a kind of suspended montage, romantically existing always as it once was…

Included within this bundle are ‘The Mill Deal’ as well as ‘Josie and Jonathan’ (a half-speed version ‘The Mill Deal’ utilized in the second season). Additionally included is ‘The Mill Fire,’ which is one of the rare action-oriented tracks of the series that actually resembles some of the more typical television music of the period. It offers a good comparative reminder of just how different from its contemporaries a majority of the music for Twin Peaks was."

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